Future Goals

“Vibrant nations do not despair or avoid challenges... we are a nation that has never, and will never, succumb to adversity.”
Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Future Goals Overview

MBRGI’s goals and business strategy for 2025, which aligns with the foundation’s 10th anniversary, are all in line with its vision to serve humanity, improve communities, and enhance the quality of life of millions of people across the world, addressing the most pressing global challenges and development obstacles, and providing sustainable solutions.

These goals were created in light of the current needs of various development sectors today and into the future. Through developing partnerships with international organisations, which ensure wide reaching projects impacting the largest number of people, MBRGI is set to achieve its vision of providing development support, along with services and relief, and impacting society as a whole.

MBRGI has already not only met, but also surpassed all its goals since its of cial launch less than two years ago, con rming its mission and future prospects.

The chart on the opposite page outlines MBRGI’s 2025 goals in line with the ve overarching pillars of the report.

MBRGI 2025 Goals


Humanitarian Aid
& Relief
Supporting 2 Million families from 40 countries Investing AED 500 Million in innovative water solutions for the region


Healthcare & Disease Control Investing AED 2 Billion in research centres and hospitals in the region Treating 30 Million people from blindness and eye-related issues


Spreading Education
& Knowledge
Investing AED 1.5 Billion in initiatives to spread education and knowledge Encouraging reading 500 Millionbooks Supporting 20 Million students’ education in 41 countries Translating 25,000 educational resources into Arabic Printing and distributing 10 Million books


& Entrepreneurship
Supporting and training 50,000 young entrepreneurs Investing AED 5.5 Billion in innovation incubators Supporting 5,000 innovators and researchers Supporting the establishment of companies to provide 500,000 job opportunities


Dedicated awards worth AED 150 Million to encourage inventors, intellectuals and media professionals Attracting 1 Million participants through prizes and forums about community empowerment Investing AED 600 Million in spreading the value of tolerance